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Do you desire…

  • to bring your ability to relate to the next level?
  • to expand your horizon and understanding of sacred sexuality?
  • to create deeper intimacy in connections and with yourself?
  • to meet each other heart to heart?
  • to deepen your trust in your own body and in your ability to touch?
  • to learn the art of touch & bodywork as a tool of healing & communiaction?
  • to experience the art of giving and receiving?
  • to be able to activate sexual energy and navigate it through the body away from the genitals?

If your answer is YES – then this weekend workshop is for you!

we work trauma-informed – and to approach the body from a place of safety and ressource is our highest priority

What means
„For Couples, Lovers & Friends“?

The idea is, that you join the workshop with a partner.

This can either be your romantic partner, your lover – or a friend.

You don’t have to be in a romantic relationship with each other, but it’s important that you trust and feel safe with each other.

What to expect?

  • Introduction to Tantric Rituals
  • Embodiment & Somatic practices
  • The Art of Touch
    • different elements & qualities of touch
    • touch and embodied presence
    • touch as a support to awake different qualities in an human being
    • touch & consent: the attitude of giving & receiving
    • awakening your „inner bodyworker“
    • the basics of sensual & intuitive touch
  • Therapeutic Bonding
  • Heart-to heart and body-to-body connection
  • The basics of Bodywork: creating an energetic flow and space in the body
  • How to connect heart and genitals
  • Ways to activate sexual energy and how to work with it in a healing & holistic way

Benefits of Tantric Bodywork

deeper connection

to your body, emotions and your senses


of parts inside of yourself which didn’t receive enough love


of unconditional love & acceptance


to your heart

no expections

receiving touch without any intentions and expectations


of heart & genitals and approaching sexuality in a healing & holistic way


more depth, safety & intimacy in your connections

more spaciousness

and energy flow in your body

Join us for a weekend
full of connection, nourishment & evolution
for couples, lovers or friends

Join us for a weekend full of nourishment, connection & evolution

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If there are open questions, feel free to contact us:

Jana: +49 17684387634
Marc: +49 171 333 7060